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Property Developer Perth

Charnaud is a successful Property Consultancy and Investment practice.

Clients of Charnaud benefit from high levels of expertise and experience in the provision of Property Asset advice, including:

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  • Negotiating and securing property investment opportunities
    • Charnaud collates all sales and liaise with all sales agents and other property owners and thus have the ability of a strong wide market intellect of all properties that are for sale. We can assist in negotiating the purchase of properties establishing appropriate contract and contract conditions for the purchase of a particular asset, whether it is commercial property, land etc.

      It is extremely important to establish the right contract conditions when purchasing property to ensure that the property secured is at the right price and provides the ability for you to conduct the appropriate due diligence (investigations) prior to the Contract of Sale becoming unconditional.

  • Comprehensive expertise in the area of due diligence for land and commercial property acquisitions
    • Charnaud has established well regarded due diligence programs for all kinds of property purchases this includes:

      1. Review of property.
      2. Review of Leases.
      3. Interview of property management and leasing agents. Assess management statement.
      4. Review of lifts, air conditioning etc.
      5. Appointment of values, engineers and legal.
      6. Due diligence.
      7. Investigation of land use, planning restrictions, planning opportunities and land potential.
  • Asset Management of commercial and retail properties for owners; institutional and private investors
    • We act for owners in effect owners’ representative overseeing the property management of commercial and retail properties. We have acted for owners now for 18 years ensuring that the properties are managed and leased to their optimum potential. This involves:

      1. Regular meetings with property managers.
      2. Meetings with leasing agents to establish leasing strategies and marketing initiatives.
      3. Overseeing refurbishment programs, appointment of architects and builders.
      4. Assisting with leasing negotiations.
      5. Establish strategic asset management plans and implementation.
  • Project and development management
    • Charnaud act as development director engaged as owners’ representative overseeing the development of land and resorts, this includes:

      1. Appointment of architects and associated consultants, builders, legal and accounting.
      2. Establishing comprehensive project management meetings.
      3. Ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget and where necessary, with the appropriate leasing or sales program in place.
  • Providing strategic planning advice for tourism developments
    • Over the past 10 years Charnaud has been involved specifically in the South West region and more recently in the North West with respect to land subdivision and tourism developments.

      From assessing land with non-conforming use and land with tourism use, Charnaud has provided an unmatched strong development director role in putting together project teams and strategies to obtain planning permission to develop hotels and tourist resorts. Please see ‘Resorts’ section [maybe put in link to take to resorts section].

      The approach has been extremely successful due to:

      1. A good knowledge of planning policy.
      2. A good understanding and workable relationship with local community groups including the indigenous community.
      3. Presentations to Shire, Government and local communities.
      4. Driving the project team with appropriate design of resorts and management.
      5. Providing a strong investment financial scenario for the development providing viability and profit.

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